General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries

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This plan was written about November, 1 1998 – Council on Foreign Relations
Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger
Imagining The Transforming Event

The document lays out the 911 terrorist attacks and the things that would follow, surveillance and the restriction of civil liberties, or the things they can then get away with doing. It says America needs another Pearl Harbor.

September 11th 2001 was planned and executed by what some refer to as the cabal, or the deep state. Eventually everything from Oklahoma City to 911 to Las Vegas massacre has the fingerprints of the Illuminati. Take note how many will “resign” or “retire” in 2018. From politicians to celebrities and much more in between. You will see many go to prison. The Clinton and Bush and Obama crime families will be exposed.

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