It Turns Out Twitter Isn’t Very Nice

Hey, you old timers, you throwback to that old place and time called America? Do you remember when we were once free and America was full of Americans, those who assimilated into the American ideal of freedom and rugged individualism of yesteryear. Yea, well those days are over, unless you do something!! We can no longer sleep and look the other way while our country is over taken by foreign Marxists who are aided by silicon valley and Americas’ universities. They are at war with us while we sleep, it’s time to stop being nice and start doing what is right. Do you notice something common among twitters’ employees? Other than the obvious those people hate us. While our forefathers died on the battlefield, their descendants move in and erased all that our men fought to protect, we have let them down. No more sitting out an election, NO More! They are winning because we aren’t fighting back, but when we do they will be in for a bit of a shock.

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