Super Bowl Metaphor for The Presidential Election of 2016

Super Bowl 45 Trump Clinton
When the DJT NoMarx (Ranked Dead Last at 50) beat the (#1 Ranked) HRC Lucifarians. It was the Super Bowl of politics. In hind sight we think we may know how the unlikely victory took place. The DJT NoMarx aparently got help from a Russian player Vladimir Putin #6 the backup quarterback who had hacked into the score board and changed the score. The HRC Lucifarians have called for a special review to see if this is indeed the case. One other theory is that “head” coach John “thepedo” Podesta left early in the 4th quarter and headed to the showers following closely behind the junior marching band that is made up of all boys between 3-6 years old. The coaching staff was shook up when coach Seth Rich of the Bernie the “anti social” socialist found out the first round playoff game had been rigged to favor the HRC Lucifarians, some say that game was rigged. Coach Rich found out that the HRC Lucifarians were indeed cheating, so coach Rich sent the playbook to the commissioner Julian Assange who is stationed in Bolivia. Not long after coach Seth Rich was found murdered by two MS13 gang members hired by Debbie “theIseeNothing” Shultz of team HRC Lucifarians. Also the crowd at the super bowl game was filled with illegal aliens who apparently didn’t pay for tickets and just stole beer and hot dogs while chanting racist racist to team DJT NoMarx. I will follow up with more reports when information is decoded from the fake news who is now in last place. Stay tuned.

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