Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting; Who is Really Killing Our Kids?

Stoneman Douglas High School
Stoneman Douglas High School

It’s another mass shooting, what are we to do now? Stoneman Douglas High School

Stoneman Douglas High School. It’s another mass shooting, what are we to do now? How much attention have you been paying to all these shootings? I submit to you that what is happening is not what you are being told is happening. From Oklahoma City to Stoneman Douglas High School there is something very dark happening in our country but it isn’t what you are being told. If you go back and investigate on your own what is happening you will find out that many of these events are being put into motion by criminal elements from within our government.

There is always a drill

If you go back and look you will notice that a “drill” was underway that very day at that very time for the exact event and just like magic it goes from a “drill” to real. What happened in Las Vegas? What happened at Sandy Hook, do you really know? Do you think it was one gunman in Vegas firing all those shots, with witnesses coming out and saying there were two or more shooters.

There is always more than one shooter

There were multiple shooters at Stoneman Douglas High, eyewitnesses saying they saw them with their own eyes. One teacher was wondering why the police were shooting at students. Here is something you might not know, those who saw what really happened at these “events” turn up dead in the not too distant future. We are now familiar with terms like the “deep state” and “false flag”, we know our “MSM” lie to us and most of us are just used to it now because it is so common.

There is a civil war going on behind the scenes

There is a civil war going on behind the scenes, they are Marxists who are trying to take over this country, and if they ever get our guns, many thousands will die. Behind the scenes the Marxists like HRC and Barack Obama are battling American nationalists like President Trump. One wants a global government and one wants our republic the way our founders envisioned. Don’t believe me? Do your own research and good luck trying to sleep at night. These shootings are happening because they are trying to break our will and get us to agree to turn in all our guns, when that day comes and it might, but if it does, they will unleash terror on us that you can’t even comprehend. Sometimes times like these aren’t just in history books, sometimes the time is now. I am not saying people don’t die, I am just asking who is really killing them?

Policeman Looking Shooter, Shooting the Students

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