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My family has been here in the United States from the very beginning of this country. I have ancestors that went through the civil war of 1861-1865. I had an uncle who lost a leg in the Korean war. My grandfather was a west Virginia coal miner, he died in his sleep from black lung. The old miners suffered from black lung, their lungs destroyed by the coal dust. I had a father who was a veteran, he was a truck driver and a mechanic, they all worked very hard, none of us were ever rich. Life has been hard on all of us, but we are honest and god loving people. They’re all dead now, my family, my grand parent and my parents, I lost them all when I was far too young. No one should have to suffer so much pain. I worked for 30 years until my body quit, broken and in pain. Do we Americans get to dream? I don’t know what white male privilege means, I have never felt privileged, we just went to work day after day and year after year. I like many are just one illness away from bankruptcy. As we worked, the robber barons plotted, they schemed and rigged everything in their favor. What I am is an American, I don’t hyphen my name, I’m not Irish American, I am just an American. I know where I come from, but I don’t feel the need to say Irish american. You see if I said Irish american what I am really saying that I am Irish, I just happen to be in America, I don’t see it that way, I am an American and that is pretty damn good thing to be, at least it used to be.

There are two lists of ten, follow these two lists and your problems are solved. It really is that simple, people make life hard and painful because they hate these two lists, why, because it takes effort and responsibility. You can’t choose your God based on the life style you want to live, you must change your life to please God. America used to be great because it had great people, it is now in ruins because America’s people are no longer great.

Join me in trying to turn this country around, President Trump was a blessing but he won’t be in office forever and the next Marxist president will declare war on all that is good, us.

My contact info is on the site, network on social media, send me an email, we have work to do.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, the two lists are

The Commandments (you know from God)
The Bill of Rights (You know from the founding fathers)


I had never been baptized although I always considered myself Christian, over the years I didn’t realize how far from God I had drifted. I was a sex, drugs and rock and roll kinda guy. I struggled with my faith for decades and was never baptized. I lost everything at a young age. I struggled for a long time, but in hindsight I could see the Lord protecting me and saving me from myself. August 21st 2017 we got to experience a total solar eclipse. It was not long after the eclipse that I was visited by the holy spirit. The message was time is short, God is real, he loves you and wants you to make it come judgment day. September 23rd 2017 the Revelation 12 sign is thought to have been fulfilled. At age 50 I went to my pastor in a panic, baptize me as soon as possible. God knew I would have taken my life because of chronic physical pain. The father eased my pain and renewed my life. I bow to the mighty father and yeshua and the amazing holy spirit. So how am I doing? Never better

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