South African Genocide of Whites – Sign This Petition

As you may or may not know the ANC African National Congress has declared a genocide on white South Africans. These European whites largely of dutch heritage have owned their land for many generations. The blacks have declared a racist genocide of those with light skin, what we call here in the United States as racism. Please sign this petition before they are all killed. I am going to post just one photo here, they are so horrific that seeing these images can make you physically ill. I feel you must see these photos to really understand the evil that those white South Africans are going through. The more I think about the images I have changed my mind, but I will post a link. Again I warn you these images are horrific, but we can’t ignore this evil.

Blacks Who have Murdered Whites in South Africa

Please sign the petition, these people need help now.

Genocide of whites in South Africa

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