Audio Trouble, One Man’s Battle Against Technology.

I am a one man band and sometimes it all becomes just too much to deal with. Can someone send me a lucky leprechaun? Who happens to be really good with Linux and audio and video issues? I try hard to bring my followers the best stuff I can. But sometimes when there’s a tech issue it’s just me and Wilson the tether ball. I have no one to ask because I am the smartest person I know. I rent a room at the DNC. I don’t own a windows machine. I did away with that back when I decided I wanted my stuff to work. So we are a Linux family and proud of it. Linux can make things challenging if you’re not up to speed. Don’t worry once I get some of these bugs worked out I will have more time for content. It really takes a lot of getting your ducks in a row when you do it all alone.

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