Inoculated: How Science Lost it’s Soul in Autism


My Daughter Has Autism

I have a daughter that has autism. She has what I call a mild case, most people don’t even notice anything wrong with her. I know the real story, it is a terrible burden on her. She feels defective and no good, like her life has no meaning. My girl is also very depressed and struggles in school to the point that, it’s almost impossible for her to learn. The light of my life often repeats herself multiple times at home, but with friends she seems to be able to control it. Parents want to know. How did this happen? I believe dirty vaccines are the reason.

1980’s the incidence of autism was about 1 in 10,000. Now, it is 1 in 45

I bought the book “Inoculated: How Science Lost it’s Soul in Autism by Kent Heckenlively, JD.” I am not very far along with the book and I am already shocked by what I am reading. “In the early 1980’s the incidence of autism was about 1 in 10,000. Now, it is 1 in 45” (page 7) “The CDC continues to deny any relationship between autism and infant vaccines” (page 7)

CDC Whistleblower reveals consistent corruption in CDC Immunization Safety Office.

A CDC whistleblower was revealing a consistent pattern of corruption in the CDC Immunization Safety Office. What we suspected all along was now being confirmed by an insider (page 7)

US governments “vaccine court”

“The over a million children in the US alone now affected by this epidemic, the hundreds of billions of dollars it will require to take care of these children, not to mention 5000 vaccine injury in the US governments “vaccine court” that were denied justice due to the cover up.” (Page 7)

As you can see that was just page 7, it gets worse. Why are doctors so offended when you bring up autism and vaccines? I am not saying vaccines are bad, just dirty vaccines are bad. Why would any doctor inject mercury into a very small child? Isn’t mercury a neurotoxin?

How To End The Autism Epidemic

“Vaccines are the only products in our society which are not covered by our traditional civil justice system.” (Page 8)

As I go through the book I will post more of what I find on this page. I want you to get this book and read it for yourselves. I then want you to comment below and tell your story about what my daughter calls the A word.

How a vaccine is made.

“A virus is isolated from a human host, then grown in tissue culture of other animals, such as mice, pig, monkey or in aborted human fetal tissue, then when the virus has gone through enough changes to provoke a mild immune response in humans, it is loaded back into a vaccine (and who knows what animal viruses may have also hitched a ride), accompanied by a myriad of chemicals such as aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, and others, and inject them into a broad array of human beings without any concern for genetic or immune status.” (Page 58)

New Study Proves the UNDENIABLE Connection Between Vaccination and Autism

Thursday, June 14, 2018 by: Isabelle Z.

(Natural News) How much longer can those who profit from vaccines deny the connection between autism rates and vaccination? With incriminating evidence like the latest report from the Public Health Agency of Canada, their damage control experts will certainly have their work cut out for them.

The agency is about to release its first national autism-related data since 2016, and it shows a steady rise in the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in the years since 2003. The rates varied by location, with areas like Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Newfound and Labrador having the highest prevalence.

The story becomes a lot more interesting, however, when you compare the data in the report, which was taken from the Canadian National Autism Spectrum Surveillance System, with the Public Health Agency’s vaccine coverage data, which is broken down by province and vaccine type. It shows that autism prevalence is the greatest where the vaccine rates happen to be the highest. Surprised?

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