Texas’ Santa Fe High School Shooting. School Shootings Are Actually Decreasing.

Santa Fe High School
Santa Fe High School

Texas’ Santa Fe High School Shooting. School Shootings Rates are Actually Less Now Than They Were In The Past.

Eight to 10 people, mostly students, were killed in the country’s latest school shooting today, with the suspected gunman – a fellow student of Texas’ Santa Fe High School – in custody. Another minor, possibly a student, has also been detained, local police say, though his connection to the shooting is unclear.

The school went on lockdown sometime before 8 a.m. local time, with law enforcement receiving first calls at 7:32 a.m. The wounded began arriving at the University of Texas Medical Center Branch in nearby Galveston around 8:30.

A school shooting today, feels like there are a lot of these shootings happening but the truth is it’s actually more rare now than it was in the past. The difference now is the MSM uses these events whether they are real or staged to shock and pull at the heart strings of the American people. They (The MSM) hope that parents and the people who are easily manipulated will call for a ban on all firearms. My heart breaks for the families, I too have a teenager in high school. If it were my daughter I would be devastated. I would be even more devastated knowing the MSM is using my child for their political ends. The outcry for gun control may even be the reason more of these shootings are happening. The deep state (Rouge elements in the intelligence community partnered with globalist pychos) often put these shootings in motion. examples (Las Vegas, Newtown, Stoneman Douglas High School) to name a few. All I ask is for you to do your own research into these shootings. You will be shocked at what you find.

#UPDATE We can confirm multiple fatalities believed to be fewer than ten at this time. We will not release any other information until we have a confirmed a number. #SantaFeISD

— Santa Fe ISD (@SantaFeISD) May 18, 2018

Santa Fe High School

Homocide Rates
Homocide Rates

“For anyone familiar with these trends, it should not be a shock to hear that a subset of those homicides — school shootings — have decreased over that period as well.”

“In response to the latest shooting in Florida, Northeastern University released a preview of new research by James Alan Fox slated for publication this fall which shows, quite clearly, that there is no growing trend in school shootings.”

“And when it comes to things like homicides, there is no evidence that things are getting worse. It is indeed true that things aren’t like they were “when we were kids,” but that’s a good thing. There were far more homicides in the United States during the 1980s and 1990s than there are today. Things were even worse than that during the 1970s. In fact, the homicide rate in the US was cut in half between 1991 and 2014. And while the homicide rate has inched up over the past two years, it is nowhere near where it was “when we were kids.” Source


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