Wait, Did We Not Go To The Moon? Buz Aldrin Said What?

Wait, Did We Not Go To The Moon? Buz Aldrin Said What?

Did Buzz Aldrin just admit we didn’t really go to the moon? I can’t take a position on this because I am thoroughly confused. Did we not go? Is he saying that we didn’t or is he saying we didn’t go again? did anyone ask him to clarify? Why did the astronauts who gave the press conference below seem so down? The astronauts just came back from the moon, so why do they look so guilty or depressed while sitting there? They should be excited and you would think they would be very happy having done such an amazing thing. I can’t take a side one way or the other. When I think of the technology they had in the 60’s I think there is no way. It would make perfect sense if you tried to fake it, because we were in a cold war with the Soviet Union. But, for the record, I have no idea what to believe.

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