Sound Echo In Windows 10

angry IT guy
angry IT guy

I recently got a new computer that came with windows 10. I usually only use Linux because, well, windows is junk, but my daughter needs at least one computer with windows for her school work. I was ready to get back to work creating content when the sound started sounding like someone speaking in an empty room. You know that echo sound that is so annoying. I spent half the day trying to figure out what is wrong and have come to the conclusion that is most likely a driver, but I am too annoyed to keep troubleshooting. Most people say their children gave them gray hair, but I would say it is windows for me. You see Linux doesn’t do dumb things like this. The guys behind Linux are geniuses and the windows team are not so bright. So, I am once again behind the eight ball while I try to get back to work creating content.

Michael Ray

Update: I deleted all sound drivers and restarted the computer, problem fixed.

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